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Photography- Assortment of Artists June 17, 2010



David Halter


















  Judy Gallagher-Moylan

                                  Havertown, Pennsylvania


My love of photography started with my high school photography club. My chemistry teacher suggested I join. I wasn’t doing that well in chemistry class and he said he would give me extra credit if I joined the club. I was hooked almost immediately. I loved the smell of the darkroom and the amazing photos we could produce. As a club we photographed all school events. Being shy, photography also helped me socially as well; it gave me something to talk about with other people. What I didn’t expect was that it would become a lifelong passion. (By the way, I did pass chemistry too!)
The most wonderful moments in photography for me are: 1) when you see an image in your head and are able to recreate that on film or as a digital image. 2) When you have one image in mind and when you are done it is something very different but just as interesting. 
















Through the Kudzu Window

                   By ‘Louise’



Roseanne Kokos

Raleigh, NC 



                                                Swirling Shades of Grey-Croatian Skies



   Fields of Magenta



    The Enchanted Cove




           Will that be Red or White?





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