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Visual Arts; assortment of mediums and artists October 23, 2008

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                                                 Mary Anne Cangialosi

     Acrylic on Canvas

    Two Lovers            


Mary Ann Cangialosi 

I always gravitated towards beautiful things, whether it be vibrant sunsets on the beaches of North Carolina, the picturesque south of France, the architecture in Italy, exotic animals of Africa, and even the full moons seen from my back yard! Eventually I developed an appreciation for the creative expression of fashion and art forms.  When I was 10 years old my Father bought me my first easel and acrylic set.  By the time I was 17, I was really experimenting with the wonders of acrylic paint.  At 18 I entered into the psychology curriculum at N.C. State University.  Psychology had always been so intriguing to me, but not compared to the fulfillment I received when making objets d’art.  My sophomore year I joined the College of Textiles as a Textile Design major.  Textiles, fashion, and art seemed to be intertwined and connected to one another.  During my college days I continued painting and really developing as an artist.  After I graduated and moved to Charlotte, NC I started my first job with Fieldcrest Cannon as a Print Fabric Designer and later as a Woven fabric Artist.  It was a great experience during those years developing beautiful textiles for the bedding and bath market.  I then moved on to some interior design and all the while still painting.  It seemed as if I could have the creative freedom to truly express myself in art than design.  I’ve selected some pieces to share and hope that you enjoy them.  I’m also beginning the development of a new series which I will exhibit in 2009.  Thanks so much for your interest and remember to have some fun!





               Flower with Silver           


 Moody 1                                                                     Fleur d’ Orange





                                                     Moody 2































                                                                                                 Moody 3






Print Pattern 1                                                     













    Print Pattern 2

















                                                                                                                  Susan’s Painting


























John Taylor Ingram 


Acrylic on canvas


  Little Place of Sunshine                                                                           

                                          Roses Painted with Brick                                                         












                                                                                                                 Boy About to Break a Vase by Accident  









Marguerite Driscoll; Multi-Media Artist

Marguerite Driscoll’s creative process is an interwoven dialogue between conceptual and conventional ideas. She intuitively manipulates materials to mimic her fascination within those complex conversations. In her artwork, she layers as a means to explore those fundamental ideas. Ideas such as: wave interference, black relative to white, static state, color, and the movement within all of these.  


 Bubble Series























































































































Static Series


































































































































































Turn Me On







































































































































































Marguerite Driscoll 



As an artist, I am as fascinated by ideas as I am by visual material. Recently, I discovered that the word fascination has a dark history. Between the years of 1590 and 1600, fascinate originated to describe the supernatural ability of witches and serpents to spell bind their prey.

Today, fascinate has expanded its definition to include “a sense of attraction or delight.” I am interested in where the two meanings of this word overlap. Nature has produced characteristics which mesmerize the senses; for example, consider the iridescence of a butterfly. Likewise, the world of man has also produced similar traits, reflect on the captivating television.   

I intuitively manipulate materials to mimic my fascination with complex ideas. My creative process is an interwoven dialogue between the conceptual and the conventional. In my artwork, I layer as a means to explore fundamental ideas. Ideas such as: wave interference, black relative to white, static state, color, and the movement within all of these.

 The corresponding relationships of those fundamental ideas fascinate me. By dissecting each thought into individual layers, I preserve an inner peace while challenging my intellectual capacity, one layer at a time.























7 Responses to “Visual Arts; assortment of mediums and artists”

  1. Kim Says:

    Simply beautiful! I had no idea; your so very talented! Keep up the fantastic work! I am behind you 100% darling!

    Much love and peace;

    Your SOS

  2. Mary-Claire Says:

    Mare, WOW!!! It’ss been soo long since I’ve seen your art! There are quite a few I hadn’t seen before….Thank you for sharing!!! I look forward to seeing more!
    Love ya,

  3. Ali Banks Says:

    Mary Ann,
    You are a very gifted artist! Your paintings put into words visual images that I could never depict on paper. I look at your paintings and visualize beautiful images! Thank you so much for your talented portray of the unthinkable.

  4. V Says:

    I love your beautiful paintings!!!! Please, post some more!!!


  5. Rochelle Says:

    Mary Ann
    Bravo for you fine art.
    Totally amazing. Please do not stop what you do best, CREATE.

  6. Sonja Landes Says:

    Maryann, are you by any chance the daughter of Ann Cangialosi? I picked up on the North Carolina connection. Please let me know if she is your mom and either let me know her email address or tell her I’d love to connect with her if she would email me at

    I LOVE your work!


  7. […] Visual Arts; assortment of mediums and artists […]

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