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Handcrafted Fine Jewelry-Assortment of Artists December 13, 2009



Meet Adove Roden!  Her fine handcrafted jewelry comes straight from the Hawaiian island of Kauai where she lives with her significant other, also an artist. This page brings with it beautiful jewelry creations by Adove Roden with a Hawaiian flare.


Aloha Brenda!  Yes, I do indeed live in the Hawaiian island chain, on the island of Kauai.  Kauai is stellar and worth every bit of the effort to get here.  You DO need to experience it before your time is done on this planet.  The air is pure and scented with plumerias.  The ocean is bright turquoise to cobalt blue, and the land is a deep terra cotta red.  Temps only vary 10-20 degrees in either direction.  One of my favorite things about island living is going bare foot year round! 

 Kauai is considered the “garden isle” and is as lush as the mind can imagine.  An Indian woman that was visiting, told me that in India, paradise is anywhere with more than 9 shades of green.  She exclaimed that there were over 15 shades of green easily seen in any direction here.  I really loved that idea as I have always felt that Kauai was a study in the color green.

I live deep in Kahuna valley on the east side of the island with my guy, Troy Carney, a fine art painter and our cat, Po.  (Po in Hawaiian means realm of the gods).  We live in a tiny cottage/home studio on 6 acres of fern that backs up to the base of the Makaleha mountain range (Makaleha means staring out in wonderment).  Below her are two forever flowing waterfalls.  Much of the filming for ‘Jurassic Park’ was done in this area.  We take all of our visitors to the ‘Bamboo Forest’ at the end of our road.  It is very enchanted and makes you feel like you are part of the ‘crouching tiger- hidden dragon’ bamboo scenes.

 Kauai is considered to house the wettest spot in the world.   Mount Waialeale.  The center of the island, gets over 400 inches of rain every year.  This provides for our amazing waterfalls, fresh water streams and Hawaii’s largest river, Wailua.  If waterfalls, gardens, hikes and the like aren’t enough to tempt you, then how about Kauai’s over 400 beaches?  You could go to a different beach every day and still not cover them all in a year!  Each is different and has its own set of glories.



Kauai is famous for its tiny gemstone quality, kahelelani (translation-pathway to heaven), shells that are no bigger than the grains of sand that you find them in.  I comb the beaches for these and other tiny treasures to incorporate with gemstones and precious metals into my mermaid inspired collections.  i consider my work to be resort and beachy glamour, easy to wear, feminine, and honors the healing qualities of the gemstones themselves.  Women whom resonate with my creations seem to be in a stage of unfolding, blooming, and empowerment.



I hand select all of the gemstones that I use from dealers that I have worked with for the past 16 years at the Tucson gem and mineral show in Arizona.   I also work with a dealer on Oahu when I need something that cannot wait for the once a year gemstone shopping trip.  The gemstones are selected for their unique color, cut or carat size.  My work is known for the quality of stones that I use, the quality craftsmenship and the gorgeous combinations.  I love the rare, unusual and natural colorations of traditional gemstones with larger than normal carat sizes.  My favorites to work with include ceylon moonstone, gem kyanite, Star rubies/sapphires, super 7, tourmaline, imperial topaz, apatite, andalusite, gem rhodocrosite, fire opal and color change garnet just to name a few.



Fancy briolette cut and soft cushion cut stones often dominate my designs.  I dream of gemstones and sometimes I am even told to work with them.  This was the case with aqua marine and all of the beryls.  I take these messages seriously and am delighted to be in occasional direct communication with the gemstone allies. 


Each collection is different and so are the pieces within the collection.  I am ever inspired by natural surroundings, leaves, feathers and flora themes which always sit at the heart of my creations. 



I started out taking a class on metalsmithing/lapidary arts because the community college i was going to in Sedona, Arizona didn’t offer any fashion courses.  I figured that accessories might be as close as I could get in my time there.  What an experience!   Apparently these types of courses are very rare anywhere else in the US.   I learned the basics of both metalsmithing and lapidary in a few semesters.  I couldn’t see how, with all the moving around that I did, one could have a studio with all of the flame equipment, diamond cutters, while managing a high end fashion boutique which was in Tempe, Arizona near the university.

 After a major automobile accident i moved back home to Sedona, with my mum to recover.  She brought me to a bead shop that offered classes in wire wrapping and other beading basics, thinking the creative outlet would speed my recovery and help me out of the depression I was experiencing from all of the changes.  After the first class, the owner hired me at the shop and I began a wonderful, two year training in the world of beads and beadwork.  This really launched my creativity and I began to study/research the classic designs all the way to the present. 

The royal gems of India’s Maharaji collections provide the most inspiration to my work as of date.  ‘Indian Jewelry-Dance of the Peacock’, is the most amazing resource book i have come across yet. 
 I showed my collections at festivals and art shows around the southwest and coastal west until I was involved in a head on accident with a semi truck in Utah on the way home from the show season.  I cracked my sternam down the center, and took my partners advice to go heal on Kauai where my sister resided. 

Eleven years later, here I am still.  I have been creating collections for 16 years now.  My business has taken many turns and always opened doors that I never knew even existed.  Some of my famous clients include, Mitsey Gaynor and India Arie.  All of my clients are queens in their own light.  The positive feedback I get from all my customers/gallery owners is what keeps me smiling in the face of extreme opposition and financial difficulties.  A path of integrity is never the easy one but the one worth living, I believe.  Your approach to business/solutions must be every bit as creative as your art if it is to survive.  I tell people whom ask about working for yourself, that you will work harder than you have ever worked before and often for less, but you know why you are doing it.






Copyright // 2008-2009. Adove. All rights reserved.

Contact Information:                                                                           

po box 1068
kilauea, hi 96754


kauai, hawaii:

hula beach
hanalei center, hanalei

4270a kilauea rd.
kilauea, hawaii 96754

the country store at kilohana
3-2087 kaumualii hwy.,
suite a
lihue, hawaii 96766

oahu, hawaii:

honolulu academy of arts
900 s. beretania street
honolulu, hawaii 96814


pura vida gallery
jerome, arizona 86331


Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

The Hodgepodgerie Story






stacy perry - hodgepodgerie

Hi!   My name is Stacy Perry.  ‘Hodgepodgerie’ is the latest chapter in a story that began in California many years ago. As a child I was always captivated by pretty rocks and it seemed evident even then that I would eventually be employed in the jewelry world. After a stint at brokering gemstones between the mines and wholesalers, my fascination with the industry led me to become a gemologist.

Eventually, my career took me to the retail side of the business where I managed several high-volume independent jewelry stores and offered custom jewelry design services. It was in that environment where I first found the opportunity to use my natural artistic abilities to create special and unique pieces for my clients.

Five years ago breast cancer — which is, thankfully, now in complete remission — hastened my retirement from the daily grind of the retail world. My creative muse, however, kept tugging at me. Soooo…after considerable encouragement from my wonderful husband Tom — who always wondered why I never did this much sooner — I decided it was the perfect opportunity to start designing my own beautiful, handcrafted jewelry as an outlet through which to express my artistic side. Thus began the hodgepodgerie story.

Why the name hodgepodgerie, you ask? Well…my jewelry tends to be a bit eclectic (probably has a lot to do with my California upbringing). The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines eclectic as “composed of elements drawn from various sources.” And, in the French language the suffix -rie refers to a business or profession (ie…boulângerie, patisserie, crèmerie). So I have a business in which I create jewelry using elements from various sources — a sort of hodgepodgerie, if you will. Now aren’t you glad you asked?

Don’t let the silly name fool you, though. Every hodgepodgerie piece is fully handcrafted by me, using only the finest quality materials available. I work with beautiful lampwork created by talented independent glass artisans. You’ll see the attention to detail in the use of pure copper and Sterling silver and a variety of gemstones. I carefully select every component, often adding my own hand-forged design elements. And, finally, I bring them all together in unique and creative — some would say artsy — designs.

It’s impossible to capture the full beauty of these accessories in low resolution web pics. Be assured, though, that my goal is always to create ornaments that you’ll love wearing yourself or be proud to give as gifts. Know that when you purchase a hodgepodgerie design you’re buying much more than a simple piece of jewelry — you’re investing in beautiful wearable art.

Copper is a hot trend in jewelry right now. As the cost of silver and other metals continues to climb, copper is still an affordable metal for creating great looking artisan jewelry.




This fanciful, bracelet has tons of movement!!!!!! Created in pure copper and Vintaj® brass stampings, I’ve hand-stamped, textured, etched and coiled copper sheet and wire. The words ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ have been stamped into three of the copper discs. The more you look at it, the more interesting things you’ll find! Shake it and the bracelet ‘chings’ softly in the delightfully musical chimey sound of metal-on-metal.

Besides its natural beauty, copper is said to have therapeutic properties and many arthritis and joint pain sufferers swear that wearing copper, such as in a bracelet, helps to provide relief from rheumatism, arthritis and stress.



Heart and Soul
Copper, Sterling Silver & Brass Bracelet

Crafted in a mix of pure copper, Sterling silver and antiqued red brass. Hand-stamped, textured, coiled copper, brass and Sterling sheet and wire. The words, ‘LOVE IS THE BEAUTY OF THE SOUL’ have been stamped into five of the copper discs. Large puffed copper hearts add to its romantic theme. Shake it and the bracelet ‘chings’ softly in the delightfully musical chimey sound of metal-on-metal.




These hand forged ficus leaves were created from sheet metal using a technique of fold-forming called the Romero-leaf fold. 

This graceful cuff style bangle is a combination of Sterling silver and pure copper. The copper cuff is 1-3/8 inches wide with the largest leaf focal measuring about 2 inches in length. I’ve preserved the rich patina finishes with a lacquer sealant.




 Sterling silver bracelet paired with pure copper wire, creating a fun and whimsical work of wearable  wrist art!

Yards and yards of Sterling silver and copper wires have been rolled, twisted and turned .  The wires were then accented  with Sterling silver, copper daisy spacers and ethnic, handmade Hill Tribe silver beads.  Handmade graduated coil beads accent this bracelet’s focal top.  Deep  patina was added to enhance all the rich textures of the design.

A funky wiredoodle clasp,  further enhances this bracelet’s unique handcrafted look.



The Wiredoodle
Copper Bracelet

In this fun and unique bracelet, the wire meanders around your wrist in a series of twists and turns. Coils of pure copper wire looping around the hammered links create an interesting visual treat!   This bracelet is created completely from solid copper wire. 





           Lampwork Necklace

A few years ago when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my cancer treatment, my husband presented me with a beautiful crystal dragonfly, along with a story. His wonderfully written words I’ll treasure always. In his story he said that the dragonfly represented courage and brought to mind the abundance of what we had as we faced this battle together. Dragonflies have held a special place in my heart ever since.

When I saw this incredible focal lampwork bead by Cindy Hoo with it’s fine silver dragonfly, I knew I would use it to create a treasured piece just for myself. She’s given the focal bead a wonderful aged look that is so perfect for this type of focal piece.

Here I’ve combined Sterling silver and pure copper wire — twisting, coiling and bending — to create this one-of-a-kind necklace. A Hill Tribe silver dragonfly joins the fellow in the lampwork to strengthen this necklace’s theme.

This delighful necklace is one of my favorites to wear. The focal measures nearly 4 inches across. I’ve used additional artisan lampwork in the necklace and then gave the entire necklace a warm rich patina.

On the reverse of the focal bead is the word ‘Fly’. The perfect sentiment as we face life’s challenges and give ourselves the freedom to soar!



Copper and Brash-
Copper Choker Necklace

Handmade Greek Mykonos™ ceramic beads that have been dipped in pure copper are the focus of this one-of-a-kind solid copper coiled wire necklace. Finished with a deep rich patina, this necklace’s simple style goes well with any season’s fashions!

This very comfortable choker is easily adjustable from 16 to 20 inches in length with its included extension chain.




Caramel Confection
Lampwork Necklace

I’ve kept the design of this chic copper and lampwork necklace simple to really showcase the beautiful glasswork. These gorgeous lentil shaped beads are loaded with fine silver and the effect is just breathtaking! Their hues perfectly complement the warmth and color of the  pure copper.

Discs, rings, bead caps and the toggle closure are all hand-forged from pure copper wire and sheet. While the rest of the family was out for the day I hammered and pounded away! (I sooo love to do that!) For a finishing touch, I’ve given the entire piece a deep rich patina.

This lampwork necklace is just a hair shy of 20 inches in length. If you would like it a little longer, I can add a few rings at no additional charge.



Ancient Musing
            Lampwork Necklace

For this unique lampwork necklace I’ve incorporated some very lovely beads by the very talented Lora McLaughlin of Hurricane Lampwork.   Sprinkled with fine silver and then ‘aged’, the gorgeous lampwork has a delightful earthy appeal.

This lampwork necklace features  coiled wire focals, highlighting  Lora’s delightful beads. The focal is Sterling silver wire with a small pure copper wire accent.  This necklace a slight  Southwestern feel with silver  beads and flowers by the Thai Hill Tribe folks. The focal is 3 inches wide.

Four wonderful coils make up the chain, along with more  lampwork and Hill Tribe silver. For a finishing touch,  the entire piece has a  gentle rich patina.

Ancient Musing lampwork necklace is a comfortable 22 inches in length.



Urban Renewal
Sterling Silver Choker Necklace

The chrysalis is a symbol of renewal, rebirth, a new beginning. It’s the perfect centerpiece for this modern New Age choker style necklace.This necklace was created with a heavy gauge Sterling silver wire core, hand-wrapped with coordinating Sterling and copper accents. Yards and yards of Sterling silver wire, tiny copper and fine silver beads and Sterling tubes all wrapped together form the chrysalis focal, which measures a generous 3-1/2 inches in length and is 5/8 inches at it’s widest point.Because it’s solid, this piece has a nice heft. I find it very comfortable but it’s not a necklace for those who like dainty jewelry.A warm patina enhances the richness of the multi-layered design. The necklace is 17 inches in length but you may lengthen it with the included 1-1/2 inch chain. 

Stacy finds necklaces such fun to create. The variety of materials that can be used is virtually limitless. I especially like to include unusual semiprecious gemstones and, of course, beautiful lampwork beads from professional glass artisans.



      Sterling Silver Necklace

Don’t you just love a good treasure hunt?   In this Sterling silver necklace you’ll discover a trove of Southwestern charms and talismans! This collection of great finds — suspended from a very heavy hammered Sterling silver ring — includes a genuine quartz crystal, Sterling sunface disc, natural Royston & Pilot Mountain turquoise nuggets, a stabilized turquoise disc, a genuine Indian Head nickel, carved stone bear fetishes, rare poppy jasper pieces, a hand stamped and cut Sterling silver dangle, a gecko, a Mexican black pottery bird fetish and more!

The link chain  has been handcrafted from Sterling silver wire.   Added are a couple of cool barrel beads featuring Southwestern stampings.  Patina  was added to the necklace, giving it an aged antique look. It’s finished with  handmade hammered wiredoodle clasp, also of Sterling silver, further enhancing its unique handcrafted appeal. The necklace is just shy of 22 inches long and the spray of treasures drops down 3-1/2 inches.



          Lampwork Necklace

This necklace was created by using about 2-1/2 yards of 14 gauge Sterling silver wire in the piece. Thai Hill Tribe silver sea creatures, including 2 large fish and the 3 inch long focal shell create the theme of this stunning and lovely wearable art necklace.

Handmade silver wiredoodles have been added…they remind me of curling waves and flowing sea plants, adding a bit of whimsy and movement.

Faceted rondells of green garnet and dozens of sparkly Swarovski crystals complement this necklace’s borosilicate lampwork beads.  Sterling silver spacers, a hammered swan style clasp and coiled  Sterling silver links 100% handcrafted. 

This  lampwork necklace is adjustable from 20-24 inches in length and has a 4 inch focal drop.





Lampwork and Sterling Silver Neckace & Earrings

In the Swahili language, Zuri means ‘”beautiful.” Which is just how you’ll feel when wearing this stunning artisan necklace and matching earrings! The large discs and bold colors are reminiscent of the jewelry common in the East African region.

The vibrant lampwork beads were created by the talented glass artisans, Moon and Bob Stumpp of Mixed Media Jewelry. The large focal bead is an incredible 40 mm in diameter! Loaded with fine silver, the bold bright beads have a delightful earthy appeal.

Tons of wonderful coils make up the chain. Coil-wrapped love knots and crazy coils are enhanced with more lovely lampwork and Hill Tribe silver. For a finishing touch, the entire piece has been given a gentle rich patina.




stonegarden02  Stone Garden
Sterling Silver Bracelet

This beautiful Sterling silver bracelet is a veritable garden of green!  Precious jade, malachite, jasper, turquoise and lovely little faceted rondells of green garnet — it’s got ’em all!

These gorgeous stones are combined with Bali style Sterling silver beads and Hill Tribe silver accents to create a delightful wire art bracelet. The handmade swan clasp and coil spring links tie everything together, while a gentle patina and brushed finish give the bracelet a soft antique look.



Happy Trails
Sterling Silver Bracelet

 The inspiration for this southwestern theme came from Cindy Hoover’s gorgeous lampwork beads. With one-of-a-kind star-stamped Sterling silver bead caps, the design brings to mind fun childhood memories of playing Cowboys and Indians!

Aa cluster of mookite jasper rondells  have been added with colors matching those in the lampwork, Sterling silver stars, vintage amber glass beads, a charming Sterling silver rocking horse and more of Cindy’s wonderful lampwork. The charms give a pleasant muted jingle with the movements of your wrist.

The bracelet is finished with a handmade hammered wiredoodle Sterling silver clasp, further enhancing its unique handcrafted look.



Dream Weaver

Check out the brown and blue gemstones in this lovely turquoise bracelet.   Rondells, nuggets and barrel shaped stones  have been combined  in matching hues and patterns. They’re almost a pure robin’s egg blue.

The bracelet is strung on heavy SoftFlex® stainless steel beading wire, making it very strong and durable. Thai Hill Tribe handmade silver bead caps and Sterling silver Bali spacers, beads and a toggle style clasp finish the look.

As is, this turquoise bracelet will comfortably fit up to a 6-1/2″ wrist, but is adjustable.





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Have a question about making wire jewelry?

Confused or unsure about a wire jewelry technique? Stuck on a project and need a little guidance? If you have a question that you think does not fit any of the categories listed above, then ask it right here and let’s see if we can get you back on track.

First, see if your question falls into one of the following categories. Then, just follow the link to the appropriate page. If you feel your wire jewelry question is not suited to any of these categories, then just ask it right on this page!

Tumble Polishing-

Patinas and Protective Finishes-

Jewelry Care-

Everything Else-


To see more of Stacy’s beautiful jewelry, find out what’s for sale and get information regarding how you can learn to make such gorgeous pieces of art, visit Stacy’s website at


Copyright © 2006-2009 hodgepodgerie. All Rights Reserved.


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