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Great News..’Old Man’ Has Found a Home Among the ‘Hardcore’! January 12, 2011

Filed under: 1 — Brenda Marik-Schmidt @ 6:36 pm

‘Old Man’ is no longer homeless!

 ‘Old Man’ has found a home! He now lives among the ‘HARDCORE’. He, officially as of December, 2010 was taken in by the ‘hardcore’ band from Bosnia, ‘Hobson’s Choice’, who released their new EP, ‘Indivisible’.  ‘Old Man’ is now gracing the cover of the CD, looking at the world with his sinister, sad, lonely and evil eyes.


                             ‘Old Man’, by Brenda Marik-Schmidt


           About the Band; Hobson’s Choice

Hobson’s Choice is a new school hardcore band from Tuzla, Bosna Herzegovina. HCXHC (Hobson’s Choice hardcore) was founded in 2005 by noted activist Aleksandar Todorovic. They have released two EP’s, Dysfunctional Family in 2007 and With Brute Force in 2009. The band is currently recording long awaiting LP under the title Deadly Groundz. HCXHC is known as the only band in Bosnia Herzegovina to promote straight edge, although the only straight edge member is the originator Aleksandar Todorovic. The band is also known as one of the most active on Bosnia Herzegovina underground scene, playing regularly across ex Yugoslavia, making its name on some prestigious festivals and notable shows such as Exit Festival (Serbia), Sarajevo Metal Fest (Bosnia Herzegovina), Interground Fest (Bosnia Herzegovina), but also actively contributing to Tuzla’s scene by organizing shows, lectures and documentary film projections. During the years Hobson’s Choice shared the stage with bands such as Kontra, Despotic Bullet, Fullsize (SRB), Unrise, Nothing Left (SRB), Neverlost (SRB), MTS, Backstab, True To The Cause (CRO), Discord (SRB), This Is How We Feel (SRB), Needfull Things (CZ), Arcadia (ITA), Dead Vows (SWE), Born From Pain (HOL), Hardfaced (MAC), Kolaps (SRB), Moment Of Clarity (SRB), Vault Of Pain (SRB), Thrash Union (SRB), All Except One (SRB), My Dying Bride (GBR), Unrestrained (USA), Hitman (SRB), Last Hope (BG) and many more.

01. Mind edge
02. Cops=dogz
03. Schools
04. Absolution
05. Circle of trust
06. Hobson’s choice
07. Reflections (Trial cover)Artist: Hobson’s Choice
Album: Indivisible EP
Genre: hardcore / newschool
Releasedate: December 26th, 2010
Source: CD, digital download
Playtime: 21min37sec
Bitrate: 320Kbps
Size: 46,1 MB
Year: 2010, SelfreleasedRecorded At DFK, September 2010, Banja Luka, BiH
Mixed and mastered by Ninoslav Dobrijevic
Sound assistant Dejan Savic
Front cover by Brenda Schmidt (NC, USA)
Sleeve design and digital photographic manipulation by Aleksandar Todorovic


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