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Photography and Jewelry Creations by Candace Eisert November 27, 2010

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Hello Brenda,

I create all sorts of things..Mainly jewelry. I do love to paint, crochet, knit, sew & do other crafty things as well..I’m not that great of a photographer but I do have a few really awesome pictures taken with a really good camera from this summer.




-This Abalone wrapped piece was originally a large circle pendant. I stepped on it during one of my moves (I wanted to cry!). So I took the largest remaining piece that was not completely shattered & wrapped it. I think I will turn it into some sort of Broach.








-Pink Agate wrapped in silver wire. Pretty simple design, I like how it turned out.



Tiger’s Eye stone wrapped with silver wire at the top and a little squiggle swirl in the middle.













A piece of coral that I found in Newfoundland. It has some silver wire wrapping within the cracks of the coral..sort of hard to see in the picture, looks much better in person. 

Gold wire wrapped stone. The stone resembles cracked glass, and is a nice Amber color. I went a little crazy with the wrapping on this one because it was a thin gauge wire that is easy to work with.


A piece of Barnacle that I found on The Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii). Simply wrapped with a hematite bead at the top.


-Silver wire wrapped Amethyst. I always just “wing it” when I wire wrap, I just start randomly and see how it turns out.                                                            


Group shot of all my new little creations.





One of my favorite pendants that I put on a necklace that I made-The Tree of Life.  Beads on the tree of life necklace..They’re either “Dragon’s Eye Agate” or “Dragon Vein Agate” I’ve heard it called by both names.


Necklace created with various purple/black/dark gray buttons. Strung on thin wire with hematite and purple stone beads..finished with a lobster clasp.


        Close up on the back of the necklace.


What the necklace looks like actually on.


-Green, Blue and Black button necklace strung on thin wire finished with lobster clasp. 



















Hi Candace,

Thank you for sending in your beautiful creations! Your right, these pictures are awesome  and your jewelry is very special!



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